New Year Spiritual Messages By Star Sign – 2021

Wish you a very happy new year✨

You Are Special from the Indigo Angel oracle cards

Last year, we often heard the word “unprecedented,” and I believe it’ll continue this year, too. But even so, we can spend our time better if we prepare ourselves for it.

Today, let me share a kind of survival spirit that I acquired through living in India. It may help you cope with yet unprecedented situations ahead: the unexpected is expected; it’ll be alright.

If you believe that nothing goes as planned principally, you feel grateful when it was OK at the end of the day. And even when something goes wrong, you can somehow remain composed and less distressed as believing that it’d be alright.

If you can apply this spirit daily, you won’t unnecessarily be pessimistic but rightly optimistic with gratitude. Please give it a try!

Now, please receive your spiritual messages below; check your Sun Sign’s as well as Moon Sign’s! This time, I did not choose a specific deck but let Heaven decide it from all the decks I have.

Spiritual messages for the first half of 2021

Aries (21st Mar to 19th Apr) Emotional Healing from Fairies 🧚‍♀️

Emotional Healing 
(from the Magical Messages From the Fairies oracle cards)

It’s time for Aries to heal old emotions. I can’t pretend it will be easy to cope with anger or sorrow, but it’s necessary to let them go to experience the new. Connecting with nature may ease the burden. Worth the effort.

Taurus (20th Apr to 20th May) Father Healing from Mer people🧜‍♂️

Father Healing
(from the Mermaids and Dolphins oracle cards)

It’s time for Taurus to solve father-related issues. If you feel uneasy with it, that’s the sign that it’s inevitable. Even if you are not the wrongdoer, since it stays in your consciousness, you’ve got to solve it yourself and will not feel regretful.

Gemini (21st May to 21st Jun) Trust from Life Purpose oracle cards✨

Trust (from the Life Purpose oracle cards)

During the first half of this year, act on your feelings and intuition—especially when you think of your career path, don’t let conventional views or common beliefs come your way and make light of your inner self. Listen to your heart carefully!

Cancer (22nd Jun to 22nd July) Write About Your Thoughts and Feelings from Archangel Michael💙

Write About Your Thoughts and Feelings (from the Archangel Michael oracle cards)

Cancerians tend to be moody and emotional. When you are anxious, writing will help sort out your feelings. While uttering negative emotions may vex you more, writing them calms you down. Remember this tip not to regret anything.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd Aug) You Are Special from Indigo Angel oracle cards

You Are Special (from the Indigo Angel oracle cards)

During the first half of this year, you may get irritated, not knowing what to do with your passion. But remember, you have a mission that only you can do. Don’t waste your time thinking over why because you are who you are. Shift your focus to your heart’s desire.

Virgo (23rd Aug to 22nd Sep) Leadership from Archangel Gabriel✨

Leadership from Archangel Gabriel (from the Archangels oracle cards)

It’s time for Virgoan to think of your way of leadership capitalized on your strengths. Don’t have a prejudice that you’re not the type of leader. The world will need new kinds of it now.

Libra (23rd Sep to 23rd Oct) Yoga from Babaji🧘‍♂️

Yoga from Babaji (from the Ascended Masters oracle cards)

It must be tough to surf such turbulence as now for Librans, who value balance and harmony. If you haven’t, start practicing yoga as you may find it helpful to maintain them in your heart.

Scorpio (24th Oct to 22nd Nov) Obstacles and Blocks Are Lifted from Angels of Abundance📯

Obstacles and Blocks Are Lifted (from the Angels of Abundance oracle cards)

There will be a supportive environment for Scorpio to make a move in the first half of the year. Let go of your skepticism and over-cautiousness, and instead, having a grateful heart, go forward passionately.

Sagittarius (23rd Nov to 21st Dec) Avoid Allergens from Archangel Raphael💚

Avoid Allergens (from Archangel Raphael Healing oracle cards)

“Allergens” here includes people with whom you don’t feel comfortable enough to get acquainted as well as allergic substances. It’d be better to avoid them; this period isn’t the best time for you to challenge yourself to cope with them. Trust your intuition, and avoid negative vibes.

Capricorn (22nd Dec to 19th Jan) Three of Water from Angel Tarot Cards

Three of Water (from Angel Tarot Cards)

The Three of Water indicates that it’s celebration time for Capricornians! And if you’ve been working very hard, it’s now time for you to make leisure time. And it’ll be your turn to enjoy hospitality if you’ve been on the other side.

Aquarius (20th Jan to 18th Feb) Baby from Past Life oracle cards

Baby (from Past Life oracle cards)

Your concern seems to be something to do with baby-related traumas or experiences from your past or past lives. If you think this may be the case, talking and listening to your inner child may help you.

Pisces (19th Feb to 20th Mar) Travel plans! from the Angel Father Oracle

Travel plans! (from the Angel Father Oracle)

“Travel” here is a metaphor for expanding your horizons. Meeting new people and exploring new activities in the first half of the year will help you gain new perspectives and invite good fortune for Pisces.

How about your messages from Heaven?

Please spare a few moments to feel them, putting hands over your heart. It’s your choice when you take action on them, so consult your heart about what it cares.

If you’d like to get personal spiritual guidance from Heaven, please check the reading options and feel free to contact me for any enquiries.

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Angel blessings,

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